Welcome To Elmwood

Hi – I’m glad you found us!

We hope this website will give you a snapshot of who we are and what happens in this place on a Sunday morning and during the week, and of course, we would be thrilled to have you come in person and check us out. You’ll find people of all ages with a unique passion for music and friendships. We’re a long way from perfect, but we have a story to tell, and would love to hear yours.

For some people, going to church can feel like stubbing your toe on the coffee table so you avoid that corner and are careful never to do that again. You may have had a bad church experience in your past that turned you off for life. But if you happen to join us on a Sunday morning I really hope that won’t be your experience here – rather I think you’ll meet some amazing people who love God and are trying to make a difference in the world because Jesus has made all the difference in theirs.

Elmwood is a church that takes the Bible seriously, and is passionate about knowing and following Jesus. We believe that if Jesus was who he said he was, then the church that bears his name should be a place exploding with hope, love, purpose and courage.

Living this life takes a lot of courage! Every day there are questions that need answers. What is the purpose of all this? Where am I going? It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old; we all struggle with the hard questions. But there are even bigger questions out there. Does God exist? What happens to me when I die? Can I know God? Does God love me…even after what I did yesterday?

On Sunday mornings we open up the Bible and take time to think seriously about these kinds of questions and find out what it says. If you want to hear about Jesus and the difference he can make in your life, you’re welcome to join us!

Pastor Ken