Connecting the Missional Church

In this study we are discovering what a healthy church does. It connects people to God, connects people to each other, connects people to the needs of the city, and connects people to the dynamics of the culture.

Come join us on Sundays as we study a few New Testament churches to see what makes a missional church.

Connecting the Missional Church: January 15 – Current

June 11 – “Connecting to the Neighbourhood” Psalm 96:1-6 Pastor Ken Stoesz

June 04 – “Connecting to the Culture: Work” Genesis 1:28 – 2:3, 13  Pastor Ken Stoesz

May 21 – “Transformed for Mission: The Vision of Isaiah” Isaiah 6:1-8 – Jeremy Schumilak

May 14 – “The Church Protects the Vulnerable” Isaiah 58 Pastor Ken Stoesz

May 07 – “The Church Proclaims Hope” Jeremiah 29:4-14 Pastor Ken Stoesz

April 30 – “The Church Absorbs Pain” Luke 10:25-37 Pastor Ken Stoesz

February 26 – “The Members of the Church Body” Romans 12:3-13 Pastor Ken Stoesz

February 19 – “The Deception of Looks and Lineage”  1 Kings 1:5-10 Pastor Ken Stoesz

February 12 – “The Depth of our Community Affects the Reach of our Mission” Colossians 3:1-17 Pastor Ken Stoesz

February 05 – “Joining Jesus on His Mission”  John 4 – Elton DaSilva

January 29 – “It Matters How You Live” Romans 12:1-2 Pastor Ken Stoesz

January 22 – “What You Worship Matters” 1 Corinthians Pastor Ken Stoesz

January 15 – “Two Ways to Live” Psalm 1:1-6 Pastor Ken Stoesz